#7 most useful Invisalign hacks for your best possible treatment results

#7 most useful Invisalign hacks for your best possible treatment results


Invisalign is better and efficient in straightening the teeth compared to traditional braces. This is what the majority of people think. But there are ways to make Invisalign even better. How? Here are few tried and tested hacks in the following paragraphs.  

But before we start here are a few forewords that are relevant. These days, Invisalign hacks are becoming increasingly popular. It is important to tell you that all of those so-called are not important. In fact quite a many of those are simply bogus. Several of those hacks may damage your aligner trays. Moreover you may even bring harm to your oral health by following in those hacks. To cut a long story short it is important to select your hacks carefully and then you should follow those through.

Dentists at the Bayswater Dental Clinic have years of experience in handling invisalign cases. They also possess excellent track record with those cases. Based on that exposure and interactions, they share the following hacks with the aim to help you enjoy the best possible results from your treatment.  

Invisalign is a great way to straighten the teeth. The procedure does not make use of traditional braces. Rather it makes use of clear plastic aligner trays that remain virtually invisible inside the mouth.

Smooth out the edges of your aligner trays

Although made from high quality plastic chances are high that the edges of the aligner trays could be a little sharp. At the time of wearing the aligners you could experience irritation in the gums. You can use a nail buffer to resolve this problem. Now why we suggest using a nail? There are reasons; reshaping the aligner tray is never a wise idea. Taking too much off is not a smart idea either. a nail buffer is the perfect tool to round off the edges a little so that there is no problem.

Always carry a dental hygiene kit

When you are on Invisalign braces it is important to brush and floss the teeth right after every meal. This is the reason why you should have your dental hygiene tools handy at all times. The list includes a toothbrush having soft bristles, toothpaste (a miniature version is easier to carry) and floss. These tools help maintain your sound dental hygiene. Make sure the toothbrush is completely dried before you stack it back in its case. Else it will contaminate harmful bacteria. These bacteria are likely to compromise with your oral hygiene.

Invest in a removal tool

When you are on Invisalign journey you have to wear the aligners at least 20 to 22 hours a day. But it is obvious that you have to remove the aligner trays several times a day. It is even pretty uncomfortable as well as inconvenience for men to take out and wear back the appliance into the mouth for innumerable times a day. The problem is even more acute for women. The reason is usually they have manicured fingers. This is where investing in an aligner removing tool proves helpful. When you use this tool there is no need to reach deep inside the mouth with your fingers. Removing the retainer trays also proves much easier with the tool.

Soak your trays while you eat

A set of Invisalign trays remains in your mouth for 20 to 22 hours a day across a span of two weeks. That is a long time for bacteria build-ups. There could be anaerobic bacteria in these build-ups. The range of microbes is actually responsible for causing bad breath or foul smell in the mouth. In order to avoid this problem one of the best Invisalign dentists in London have a suggestion. He suggests every time before starting a meal you should soak your aligner trays made from transparent plastic in a cleansing solution. This is the best way to prevent a bad odour from developing on your invisible aligner trays. You should do this at least twice or thrice a week for better results.

Always set a reminder to wear back the aligners

These days it is easier to set alarms and reminders thanks to mobile handsets. Use your handheld mobile phone to set timer every time before removing your Invisalign aligner from the teeth. This is the best way to ensure you do not forget to wear the appliance back on time or before it is too late. This way you also make sure not to spend too much time without wearing the aligners. But it is best not to take the aligners out too often. That may extend your treatment time. Moreover if you by chance forget your aligners before leaving then that will cost you additional expenses and may even hinder the process of straightening your teeth.

Preserve your old and used trays

Apparently this could sound little weird. Once you switch over to a new set of trays why should you hold on to the old set? There is a practical reason to suggest this. In case you lose your existing set of aligner trays. In that circumstance your treatment provider will definitely give you a new set of trays. But that may take little time. Usually it takes a few days for Invisalign providers to prepare new trays for any patient when the existing one gets lost. During this time you can be on your previous set of aligners. Thus there is no roadblock to your treatment, no impediment whatsoever. There is also no reversing effect on your treatment progress. This is why it is important to preserve your old and used set of Invisalign trays until and unless your treatment is finally over.

Request your Invisalign provider for a set of chewies

An experienced dentist having in-depth expertise on Invisalign in London shares something important. According to him chewies are most important to facilitate your treatment progress specially during the initial few days of your journey. Chewies are basically tiny rolls of gauge. These substances fill up the gap between the teeth and the aligner trays. It happens to a lot of patients, the first time the aligners are fitted to your teeth you feel like the appliance is getting off your teeth. This is a common phenomenon. This occurs because your teeth are yet to get used to your aligner trays. Chewies prove helpful in those circumstances. During the first few days of being on a new set of trays all you have to do is biting down on chewies just for a few minutes. Thus the appliance fits better on the teeth and you enjoy greater comfort and convenience easily.  

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