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Best Summer Digital Marketing Activities That You Should Try

Business Digital Marketing

Summer is a great time to reach out to new prospects. Your potential customers will be reviewing their internal strategies and processes, or looking for new suppliers.

This approach will help you create a plan to maximize your results and time before the summer ends. You can add some digital marketing activities to your summer to-do lists and improve your overall marketing experience.

Actions to take in digital marketing during the summer:

Revitalize your best content.

You can use the analytics to determine which content was the most successful for your strategy. It may help you to generate new customers.

Examine the content of the past 6-9 months, and then rate the content that performed best. This can be a guide, e-book, webinar, course, or blog post.

Update any information that has changed, and then prepare to promote the product again via paid campaigns, social media, email newsletters, or other channels.

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Research your prospects

You can fill out the CRM information of the most important contacts. It is also a good time to share personal stories on social media, which will help you get to know the professionals better.

It’s not about spying but gathering all the information you can to help you better understand their needs and concerns to try and adapt your strategy to meet their challenges.

You can better target your content by analyzing your Twitter lists and analyzing the times of publication and moments of interaction.

Connect with sales opportunities

Take advantage of summer weeks to connect, determine if your leads are qualified, and learn more about their goals.

You can use the time that your competitors are on vacation, or focused on other tasks to build stronger relationships with the contacts who interest you most. Create new contact points, and try to advance the relationship to qualify the customer for a sale.

Check the configuration of your Email Marketing Campaigns

You compete with hundreds of other emails to grab the attention of a lead every time you send them an email. According to studies, emails tend to be less active in the summer.

This reduces the amount of email noise. It also increases the likelihood that your leads will read your email.

It’s time to create new videos and start a brand-new strategy

Video marketing has become one of the best-performing marketing channels in B2B business. Summer is a great time to record or prepare new videos.

If you have regular maintenance, you can use social media to show that you are committed to continuous improvement and quality.

It is possible to dedicate your summer to opening new video channels on Facebook or Vimeo. However, you should align your video marketing strategies with your commercial activities and ensure that you follow up on any sales opportunities.

It is clear that the summer is the perfect time to reflect, refine your sales process, and review your current businesses to plan your future.

Contact us if you need further guidelines. Our experts are available to you in the summer as well as throughout the year for any assistance you may need.

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