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Best Web3 Wallets of 2023:Our Picks for the Top 5


To be clear, I have not assigned any sort of ranking to the wallets that I discuss here. Most of the wallets I cover here are designed specifically for use within Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem; however, I have included a select handful that are excellent choices for use with Solana, BSC, and other chains as well.

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No. 1: MetaMask

The most trusted and widely used Web3 wallet development is MetaMask. It is available as a browser add-on that requires no special configuration to use with any Ethereum decentralised application. Users of MetaMask don’t need to deal with third-party exchanges or trading platforms to acquire Ethereum; they may do it directly from the wallet.

MetaMask is used by over 30 million people that are interested in cryptocurrencies. It’s a fantastic alternative to confinement that provides easy access to DeFi’s huge and rewarding community. The wallet is compatible with blockchains besides Ethereum. MetaMask makes it simple to exchange BNB or Harmony tokens between networks.

Please remember that MetaMask is a hot wallet built entirely within software. The extension you have downloaded to your local browser is where your private key will be kept. In other words, if someone gains access to your computer, they will also have access to your digital wallet. Using MetaMask requires a high level of caution to ensure that you don’t put yourself in danger.

No. 2: Phantom

For Solana investors, Phantom is yet another extension-based wallet. The wallet enables use of any dApp available on the Solana network. Furthermore, you have entry to the billion dollar NFT market on Solana.

An easy-to-use Web3 wallet, Phantom allows you to trade, exchange, and store SOL-based coins and NFTs. The wallet is a plug-in that may be added to Chrome, Brave, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. But it’s also available as an app for your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Phantom does not store your private key on its servers but instead securely stores it in the add-on. If you connect your Phantom wallet to your Ledger, however, you can increase the safety of both devices. This method ensures that your money is safe from internet thieves since it requires you to confirm all transactions through the Ledger.

When compared to other web 3 wallets, Phantom provides one of the greatest user experiences. The wallet, however, only works with Solana and cannot be used with any other blockchain.

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No. 3: A Rainbow

Rainbow is another widely used Web3 wallet in the Ethereum ecosystem that does not hold user funds. Wallet is available as a browser add-on, as well as an Android and iOS app. By integrating with Ethereum’s DeFi dApps, Rainbow is able to carry out monetary transfers and token swaps. Your NFT holdings, yield farming pools, and savings will all be displayed in the wallet as well.

Rainbow’s user interface (UI) is similarly minimalist and stylish to that of Phantom. Anyone who is just getting started with DeFi has my enthusiastic recommendation. However, as a hot wallet, it is important to safeguard your assets and avoid downloading any suspicious software.

No. 4: Trust Wallet

As a change of pace, let me show you the TrustWallet. This wallet can store a variety of different cryptocurrencies and tokens and is not tied to any specific blockchain. Trust Wallet is a digital wallet app available for download for iOS and Android devices. It’s possible to keep both NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

The integrated dApp browser is the most surprising aspect of Trust Wallet. Yes, the Trust Wallet serves as a portal to a wide variety of DApps. Tokens can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, NFTs can be bought and sold, assets can be borrowed, and assets can be invested in a yield farm. Now consult with top web3 consulting company and get to know about web3 wallets aspects. 

You should know that Trust Wallet is not a plug-in for your web browser. Unfortunately, Trust Wallet is not currently compatible with any desktop or laptop web browsers. Being restricted to using DeFi just from your mobile device is a significant restriction. Although, the exceptionally well-designed dApp browser more than makes up for that.

No. 5: Coinbase

As a bitcoin exchange, Coinbase took a major impact during the height of the DeFi craze. A lot of people emptied their accounts since they switched to using decentralised exchanges and different Web3 wallets. This is why it made sense for Coinbase to develop its own Web3 wallet.

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, provides a non-custodial DeFi wallet with a number of safety measures built in. To access your wallet, you can, for instance, include your biometric information as a required step. The alternative is to protect your wallet with a PIN, which would allow anyone to access it if they were in your possession.

The Ethereum network is the primary one supported by Coinbase Wallet. While Optimism and Arbitrum are two examples of ETH L2 solutions, you can expand your cryptocurrency options by adding others. Moreover, you can use this to gain entry to other additional chains (e.g. Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain). However, there is a caveat.

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