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Despite a controversial finale, Warriors-Mavericks delivered the thrilling matchup it promised!


On Tuesday night, the Golden State Warriors visited the Dallas Mavericks in what was supposed to be an epic showdown between heavyweight contenders. And while the game may have been overshadowed by some late-game controversy, it still lived up to its billing as one of the most anticipated matchups of the early season. Dallas Mavericks emerged with a 116-113 victory that was not without its share of dramatics.

This November, the intensity of a playoff game was brought to life by none other than Curry and Doncic in an epic rematch between two teams that last faced off in Western Conference Finals. While there may have been a loss for the Dallas Mavericks, it wouldn’t be right to forget their stellar bench performances which gave them something positive to fly home with.

As the electrifying rivalry between Western Conference foes reached a fever pitch, it was only appropriate that one pick out anthems to define this enthralling battle. Whether its The Proclaimers or Vanessa Carlton blasting their classic hits “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)- there’s no denying these teams left nothing behind in pursuit of victory. But fate had other plans when the referees waved off Stephen Curry with 10.1 seconds remaining for traveling as his Warriors trailed by two points; shocking even fans who’ve followed him throughout his illustrious career!

Despite his strong disagreement, Curry stepped up and accepted responsibility for the losing play he’d committed. Exercising admirable maturity in a time of adversity, the champion player was unwilling to shift blame or deny accountability.

A flurry of travel calls has been plaguing the Warriors this season, as they were on the wrong side of 7 travels during Tuesday night’s game against their Mavs counterparts. It comes to no surprise that Head Coach Steve Kerr desires one thing and one thing only: consistency in officiating across plays like these throughout each NBA contest. As he mentioned himself after witnessing yet more discrepancies – if officials are going to become sticklers for travelling rules then it must be fully enforced all game long; a demand sure to make basketball games considerably more exciting.

Despite an exciting battle between the Warriors and Mavericks, Klay Thompson’s dramatic 3-point attempt fell just short of its destination. After being set up beautifully by Curry and Jordan Poole on screens, one final play call from Coach Kerr couldn’t bring home a win for Golden State – leaving it to future matchups in what is sure to be an always thrilling rivalry.

Stephen Curry, the sharpshooter of Golden State Warriors scored a whopping 32 points in his 13th 30 point game- an impressive feat despite his side losing to Doncic’s Dallas Mavericks. While Andrew Wiggins and Klay Thompson had lackluster performance managing only 15 combined points from long distance, it was the Warriors’ bench that provided some spark hope as they attempted to fight back after being deep into a deficit at first quarter mark.

After a slow start to the game, Jonathan Kuminga rose up and turned it around for Golden State. He put in his best performance as a Warrior with 14 points and 10 rebounds on his way to securing an impressive double-double – making it his third of career. His plus/minus was very inspiring at +21; proving he really gave everything out there! Stephen Curry’s return late into the fourth quarter sealed their victory by 8 amazing points against the Mavs.

Donte DiVincenzo continually put it all on the line and made his mark, with a season-high of seven rebounds complimenting six points, two assists and two steals – resulting in an impressive plus-15. Tyler Poole’s performance was no less than stellar; while only scoring nine points he provided a dynamic presence defensively along with 9 assists for another solid plus-14 rating. Anthony Lamb suddenly ignited at the opening of the second quarter to provide 11 total points including some clutch 3 pointers as well as five boards , one assist and steal culminating in yet another strong showing (plus +13).

With 22 games under their belt, the Warriors bench is beginning to solidify an identity of its own. Led by Draymond Green and coach Steve Kerr’s guidance, they’ve emerged as a powerful force on the court – with one notable exception: JaMychal Green was minus-2 in eight minutes of playtime this game.

Green commented on the growing comfort among his team’s second unit, observing that their confidence has been restored due to familiarity with each other. He highlighted how evident this was in the plus/minuses; two weeks ago, it would have gone quite differently! With a newfound level of trust between teammates and an atmosphere of assuredness radiating from within, Green believes his squad is ready for anything as they march toward playoffs.

After a rough start, it’s been inspiring to observe the team come together and make strides towards success. Not only will their hard work help them win games this season, but it also ensures everyone is able to get much-needed rest which will support long term victory! It truly has been an awesome journey watching these guys prevail from adversity.

The Warriors, a team that strives for victory and nothing less. Fans were electric in their anticipation; the wait was finally over as two teams went head-to-head to prove themselves capable of greatness. Ultimately, no banners would be raised – but what remained prominent after this important matchup is we now have a better understanding of who these powerful forces are set to become come months end. It’s gonna be good—mark your calendar Feb 4th!

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