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Dos and Don’ts while playing Fantasy Cricket Online:


Fantasy cricket is a skill game that is particularly made for the cricket fans and enthusiasts. The users come to create their teams of 11 players and win whopping big prizes online. You need to have proper amount of knowledge, skills and analysis to ace such games with the winning prizes. It is one of the play games and earn money that you can opt for and take down the big prizes with it. 

The fantasy cricket app is one such thing that is made for the users to have their winnings lined down by showing up with their enthusiasm and gaming passion for cricket. Here are some of the dos and don’ts that you need to consider before you dive in it fully. 

You need to prioritize quality over quantity

While selecting a team, you should always focus on the quality rather than quantity. Do not bulk your team with all the players, but have the potential to do the research work and analysis to make sure you are choosing the right ones. Also, while making decisions you should not consider your personal favourites, instead go for the players who have been showing some great performances on their whole level. Get the team based out of your knowledge and proper research. 

Knowledge and updates are the only way

While playing on a fantasy cricket app, you are not going to win matches just out of the blue. It requires one to apply all the knowledge and awareness related to cricket. You should know that, not everyone can make their fantasy teams. It requires months and years of hard work and also you need to remain updated with all kinds of news and things about the players. 

Make selections based on knowledge, not your favourites

When you start the journey of making your team, the main focus on picking the top favourites would not be the best thing you can do. But that is not always the case, it is recommended not to select the players based on their old performances and records. Also, you should make a decision after gaining every kind of knowledge. 

Don’t make only one team

You can come up with multiple teams, and make big winnings. By creating several teams with numerous combinations of players, there is a better possibility of one of your teams performing better that can lead to bigger rewards. 

So, experimenting would be the best idea with your teams and ensure your winnings. So, get along with the research to get rewarded. 

Analyse the pitch performance

The pitch plays a vital role in deciding the outcome of a match, and of course the players would be according to that choice only. You need to look at the pitch first and then get to select the players for the same. So, remain updated and know more about your team players. 


Download the Fantasy Dangal app now and make your big winnings with your skills. Sign-up with your phone number and choose the type of contests that you want to play. Ensure that you are well-aware of the rules and guidelines of the contest.

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