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A good quality game a day can keep monotony away. Let us confess that we all love to dip into something fun and exciting that can relax us and pass the time. It may not be practicable for you to play games on computers or a gaming console all the time. From time to time, you merely want to kick back and relax, especially if you are feeling tired. This is when mobile games come useful. There is a profusion of casual games that you can enjoy on your mobile devices devoid of having to get up from your couch or bed. Most casual games are built such that everyone can play them and have fun. Advanced gaming skill is not an antecedent to playing these games.

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Here Top 5 Games Listed Below-

These lightweight mobile games are beyond doubt amusing. They do not use all of your mental faculties so brainstorming does not turn out to be a concern. These are swift, easy-to-play games that involve quick, brief sessions, unlike hardcore games. We have come up with a catalog of some of the cool games that you can play on your phones. Let’s check them out.

1. Slashy: If you love puzzle games, this game by Camel Motion is just the precise match for you. With more than 300 levels and some cool props, you can easily lose track of time playing it. You have to burst the discs in the game via slices. You need to situate those slices on top of the discs to rupture them. One of the fascinating features of the game is that these discs are in motion, to up the challenge for you.

Furthermore, there are remarkable props in the form of a football, a vinyl record, a diamond, an orange slice, a slice of kiwi, a crystal ball, and more. You can also use the delightful hammer at whatever time you are stuck in the game.

2. Among Us: This outer space-themed game is really intriguing. You can play this game with up to 15 players who wear diverse colored astronaut suits and correspond with each other. However, one among you is a charlatan. So your job is to find out who is the imposter by fighting, suspecting and voting against each other to remove them. The objective of the imposter is to slaughter all the crew members. So you must stop them from succeeding against an emergency disruption. This game gained its reputation during the pandemic and since then, has retained its fame.

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3. Mini Metro: This uncomplicated puzzle game is plain for everyone. All you have to do is attach the different stations to one another so as to deliver passengers. However, there is a miniature challenge here. While you try to connect the stations, you have to make certain that you do it within a particular time frame. Also, keep the effectiveness in mind of each line and railway so that you get the maximum points. From the London Underground to the New York City Subway, you can map out several cities in the game. This game is fun particularly if you are looking to sit back and chill out.

4. Battle Cats: How does the thought of owning a cat army sound to you? This is a captivatingly fun game where you let your fluffy charming cats gain world domination. It is a tower defense game where you employ your cats to defend your tower against your enemies such as aliens and zombies. There are two modes—preparation mode and battle mode. In the preparation mode, you can exercise an in-game currency called “cat food” where you buy loot boxes for units. This is not a protracted game so you can pick it up for short periods as well.

5. Bloons Tower Defense 6: This game first made its appearance in 2007 as a browser game. But now, as a mobile game, it is going strong and brilliant. It is a mesmerizing game where you have to shoot the balloons down. But you do not get to shoot them yourself. You, in reality, get to use monkeys in the game to help shoot down the balloons that are situated around the map. You can also bring new Hero Monkeys that have influential effects into the battlefield. It is a pretty simple and compelling game and you will soon get a hang of it once you start playing.


If you play these games, you will soon be captivated by them. They are some of the best ones when it comes to casual gaming. So, sit back, slow down, and let the games amuse you for a while.

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