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How to find the perfect Igbo Baby Boy Names?


Igbo Baby Boy Names, We have heard it so often –What’s in a name because a rose by any other name would smell as sweet? However, when it comes to naming a child, it’s essential. A name is a person’s identity and should be chosen with much care because it exists before the child is born and remains till the end. Finding the most appropriate name for a child is often a big challenge for most parents, especially if you are looking for Igbo baby boy names, or for that matter, Igbo baby girl names. It’s not an easy job because you are not only supposed to choose from what feels like an endless number of options, but you also have to consider the meaning, sound, and story that comes with it.

Moreover, finding a suitable name can be even more challenging if your child is growing up in a mixed-cultured family. The non-Igbo partner might face difficulty dealing with Igbo baby boy names due to their typical spellings or challenging pronunciations. So how do you find the perfect Igbo baby girl names for our kids? This article deals with essential steps to finding the perfect Igbo name.

1 – It’s an emotive issue

For parents from Southeast Nigeria, it’s an emotional matter for their kids to answer an Igbo name because it connects them more to their roots, significantly growing up in a different country. However, in mixed-cultured relationships, it could be very well a point of animated discussion, as the non-Igbo parent might object to their child answering an Igbo name. In such a case, you should be ready for some fundamental discussions.

2 – Matter of Priority

 Many Igbos also have an English name besides their Igbo name. It’s more due to the history of colonialization. However, Igbos often think of very creative and fancy Igbo babies boy names such as Prince, Precious, or Blessing instead of traditional names of colonial rulers like Walter, William, Thomas, or John. It’s for parents to decide if their child will answer two different names, and if so, which particular name will get priority – the Igbo baby girl names or the usual English name? 

Nowadays, several Igbo children usually respond to their English name first and only use their Igbo name as the second name. It’s unfortunate. For instance, an Igbo name like Ezenwa is better known as Kenneth in English. Initially, parents found Igbo names were comparatively challenging to pronounce. However, they came to appreciate the importance of answering an Igbo name over the years. They insisted that their kids should answer the Igbo name first.

3 – Know your criteria

The selection of Igbo baby boy names, or, for that matter, any other name, is more of an individual decision for newly born babies. Every parent has different criteria when it comes to choosing names. However, when you are supposed to go through the endless lists of Igbo names available on the internet, having clear criteria will help you to be more efficient in choosing the proper Igbo baby girl names. For example, for someone, the criteria for choosing an Igbo name could be


The way the name sounds could be essential for some people, especially if you speak it with a different accent. In some cases, it may sound very inappropriate.


In most countries, the current trend favors short names. Since there are few options for short Igbo names, one has to abbreviate it or choose a short name. Some popular Igbo names easily abbreviated are Zioraifechukwu – Ziora, Uchenna – Uche, or Chijioke – Chijio).


Usually, all Igbo baby boy names have meanings; therefore, one must also consider that. After all, no one would ask their child to answer a name with a funny meaning.


Context is also essential when giving your child an Igbo name. For example, consider the name Obinna. It’s a cute-sounding name, but it is also a widely popular name shared by many people. Therefore, someone may dislike using this name for this particular reason. Another essential context that comes into play is the age of a name. Earlier, girls and boys were usually named after the day they were born in Igbo land. However, if you decide to name your child Mgbeke or Mgborie, many people will object to your choice of name.

4 – Do the Homework

To find unique Igbo baby boy names, you need to do some research. Google could be beneficial because it provides many choices for Igbo names and their meanings.

5- Shortlist names

Usually, while thinking of Igbo names for your baby, you end up with a long list of names. Then you realize that such a long list did not help you find the perfect name because you will always need help to agree on one. So the next time you are supposed to choose a name cut down your list to five or six. Your partner should also come up with a few names, making it a maximum of ten names to choose from, which is a good number to work with.

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