Is selling an Instagram account with 200k followers a good idea?


A recent study indicated that Instagram influencers earn millions of dollars from their followers. Can we also do that? With the advent of social marketing, Instagram now has 1 billion active users monthly. Instagram has some distinct features; therefore, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media networks. If you want to flourish on Instagram, get Instagram followers UK.

Several years ago, I was given this game question and decided to try it. At the time, I maintained an Instagram feed for my blog, Introvert Spot. Although I eventually quit maintaining the blog, I continued regularly posting on Instagram. There were approximately 3000 followers then, but I didn’t intend to monetize the account.

Since I was trying to monetize it, I realized I needed a larger audience. So, I began to examine my posts and discovered that memes had the most interaction. Thus, I prioritized memes more.

As soon as my page had around 30,000 followers, I began monetizing. I anticipated that a large Instagram following would require major firms to seek sponsorship opportunities. However, as a modest Instagram page, I sought other methods to monetize my profile. That’s when I realized several factors affect how much your page can earn.

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  1. What is the number of followers you have
  2. The most popular location for your followers
  3. The engagement rate for your post
  4. Market research

I monetized my page in various ways after considering all these variables.

Promotional payments

Sponsored promotions are the most common way Instagram profiles generate revenue. It is also straightforward, assuming you have a decent number of followers. As previously mentioned, your specialty and number of followers determine how much you charge for promotional posts.

It is common for Instagram sites to charge between $0.50 and $4 per thousand followers. Most of these are product promos and shoutouts. Make sure your account does not seem spammy when you advertise on Instagram. Having more than 200k followers, I earn between $300 and $1,000 monthly from sponsored promotions.

Making money by selling your products

This is something I rarely see people do. Selling your items on Instagram may be lucrative to monetize your following. It doesn’t matter whether you sell tangible items or digital products. You may earn a decent income and build your brand simultaneously if you buy 1000 Instagram followers UK from

Choose the goods you want to sell carefully. Make sure they deliver value to your followers or are something they may be interested in purchasing. I chose T-shirts, but they did not perform well.

Application promotion

Getting paid on Instagram is a straightforward process. By using marketing programs from websites like PlugApp, you can earn money every time a user installs an app using your link. The more downloads you get, the higher your earnings will be. You can also receive additional payouts if your app advertisements occasionally get enough downloads.

Downloads from the United States on an iOS device often pay the most. Downloads might cost anything from a few cents to five or six dollars. If you want to avoid your account being suspended, you must follow the rules.

Attracting visitors to your website with Instagram

There are several individuals I know who behave in this manner. While it’s a great way to gain more website traffic, experience has shown that investing a lot of time and effort into your Instagram presence, for this reason, may not yield the desired results. Since users prefer to stay inside the app and not be taken elsewhere, Instagram is not the ideal platform for this strategy.

There is a significantly smaller percentage of people who click on your website link compared to other social networking applications. You can, however, monetize that traffic if you resolve the problem and attract enough traffic to your website.

These are the strategies I’ve used to make money using my Instagram feed and my experiences with them. You may find these approaches practical if attempting to monetize your Instagram account. Some of these approaches are relatively simple and require little skill or effort.

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