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Primavera vs MS Project training with Certificates-BES


Major Difference between Primavera and MS Project

Primavera vs MS Project care the most widely used Software used for scheduling, planning, tracking, and reporting. The major differences between these two software are discussed below in detail.

#1. User Interface

Oracle Primavera has an excellent user interface, including graphs, but Primavera P6 Professional and other versions have a weaker User Interface. In contrast, MS Project is a powerful Graphical User Interface with captivating progress graphs, resource graphs, and histograms in MS Project and other packages.

#2. Architecture                                  

Primavera has Professional and web-based architecture. In comparison, MS Project has three versions, such as Standard, Web-based, and Professional.

#3. Multiple User Access

Primavera enables multiple-user access and offers users to specify the feature of Primavera a user is required to use. Whereas MS Project does not allow multiple-user access, the server supports several projects simultaneously, but the user lacks a project when it is in use.

#4. Multiple Activity Relationships

Primavera can establish more than one relationship between activities. We can have Start-to-Start (SS) and Finish-to-Finish (FF) between the same two activities. In comparison, MS Project can establish only one relationship between two activities.

#5. Web Support

Primavera documents, plans, and other project information can be converted to HTML directly from the software. In comparison, MS Project does not have such options.

#6. Baselines

In Primavera, users can display and assign unlimited Baselines to a schedule used for analysis. Whereas, in MS Project, the Baselines are limited to 11 for assigning tasks.

#7. Hint Help

Primavera offers a Hint Help feature that defines the column’s calculations and values whenever the cursor is placed on the field. Whereas in MS Project, there is no such feature called Hint Help.

#8. Database Connection

Primavera supports SQL or Oracle databases, and it allows users to install the database as a standalone or a part of a server. At the same time, MS Project supports both Stand-alone and as a part of EPM. In Stand-alone, project details are saved in the .mpp format. In EPM, it works with the combination of MS SharePoint Server or Project Server. Project details are saved in the SQL database.

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Primavera Features

  • The key features of Primavera Software are discussed below:
  • Multiple Project Management
  • Portfolio and Program Management
  • Business Process Automation
  • Multi-user Access
  • Project Status Email Updates
  • Configurable forms
  • Gantt Charts
  • Role-Based User Functions
  • Graphical Workflow Modelling
  • Resource Analysis and Allocation
  • Risk Management
  • Real-Time Analysis and Reporting
  • Information Dashboard
  • Resource Allocation and Analysis
  • Calendar and Activity Views

Advantages of Primavera

  1. The main benefits of using Oracle Primavera are discussed as follows:
  2. Reduces Risks: Primavera is great at signaling and identifying the risks of overrun issues, schedule inconsistencies, or Eros that might immensely increase the project’s cost.
  3. Easy to create forecasts: It allows project managers to easily create accurate forecasts for the project and share them with business executives or stakeholders.
  4. Access and Responsibility: It allows workers to create schedules, request, and submit timesheets wherever possible.
  5. Great Visibility: It enables users to analyze the data in a single location to ensure that the project does not violate any regulations or rules.
  6. Good communication: It provides C-level staff access to all the project areas to communicate with the workers wherever they are. Project Reader helps to enhance communication and reduces the need for a constant internet connection.
  7. Breaks down the complex project: It enables users to break down the huge project into smaller ones to achieve activities and tasks.
  8. Easy to use: Primavera is an easy learning curve tool for planning and scheduling a project. It can handle complex data and generate analysis and reports quickly. Even a junior project manager can work efficiently with all the basics.

Features of MS Project

  • The following are the features of MS Projects.
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Access from anywhere virtually
  • Communicate in real-time
  • Simplify IT Management
  • Anticipate changes
  • Deliver projects
  • Improves collaboration
  • Effective Presentations
  • Discover and share information
  • Organized
  • Work seamlessly across tools
  • Select optimal portfolios

Advantages of MS Project

The following are the MS Project Pros:

  1. Intuitive Interface: MS Project is a highly intuitive tool that provides the best features and functions. It helps users with new tasks or project revisions anytime without any disruptions.
  2. High Visibility: It gives a 360-degree view of project details with scheduling tools like Gantt charts and adaptable menus for quick project planning.
  3. Customized templates: It offers Pre-installed templates as per user requirements to help users create a project plan very quickly.
  4. Integration: MS Project can integrate with other Microsoft applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. To improve communication, project managers are using Skype effectively. Also, It can integrate with Power BI Pro to achieve business intelligence analytics.
  5. Flexibility: It provides access to both Desktop and mobile devices that enables users to view the project data.

Disadvantages of MS Project

The following are the MS Project Cons:

  • MS Project is an expensive tool. Because of the high price, many users can only purchase a few licenses, resulting in low productivity.
  • It includes a lot of advanced features or new features that might cause the high price.
  • MS Projects does not provide real-time updates without integration.


BES (Burraq Engineering Solutions) provide a Primavera vs MS Project training Course in Lahore. After analyzing both the project management software, it is concluded that P6 is best suited for larger projects involving multiple users, large project structures, and organizations where most projects are part of a larger project and integrated into networked systems, whereas MS-Projects are best suited for single projects that do not require heavy recording details and corporations with less number of projects and the projects which are largely dependent on external resources.

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