Write For Us

Write For Us

techygeeker.com is a site that is always looking forward to the new and innovative writers who can write for our site.

If you possess exceptional writing skills that distinguish you from others, we wholeheartedly welcome you to join our team and contribute your talents. We value excellent content and strive to uphold high standards. Additionally, we have provided some guidelines below to assist you in creating top-notch material.

1- Write the content of at least 600-700 words.

2- Don’t copy and paste content.

3- Try your best to write content without grammatical mistakes.

4- You need to search for 8 sites before writing your own content.

5- Write eye-catching content.

6- Always avoid the use of passive sentences.

7- Content should be written precisely.

8- Simple and unique wording must be used.

9- The use of keywords should be obvious.

Suggestions for Writers:

If you are willing to write for our site then keep in mind that we don’t accept copied data. Write impressive and unique data and it will be highly appreciated. If you copy the data and send it to us then we will reject it at that moment.

Contact Us: 

If you have any queries. Feel free to contact us any time at techygeeker@gmail.com