The Ideologies Of Reshant Ghosh : CEO Of Anondita Healthcare & Rubber Products India Pvt. Ltd. 


Reshant Ghosh is one of the budding entrepreneur in recent years who is inspired towards building a world that is aware of its growing population and the ways to control it. In addition to that he is into protecting and safeguarding people by providing them the apt products required for their health & safety. He also believes in Generating abundant employment opportunities for the youth of this country. 

He has completed his BBA and has a good knowledge and understanding of Marketing & Sales with which he has pursued a DBA (DOCTORATE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION) which gives him ample knowledge and a broader perspective of the world. Some of his very impressive skills include winning a Gold Medal in South Asian Grappling,being a National-Level Boxer and Krav Maga Practitioner. Talking about his achievements he has received Several awards including Youngest Entrepreneur Award and Delhi’s exceptional work in Healthcare Award.

He is currently leading Anondita Healthcare & Rubber Products India Pvt. Ltd as the CEO & Managing Director and has a foresight of taking Anondita healthcare to new height with his youthful vision by making it a common household name

Reshant Ghosh, The Mind behind Anondita Healthcare and Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd.

The idea behind his getting into healthcare is :

 Now that India has the largest world population, surpassing China with 5 million. It needs awareness about population control which is one of the main objectives of Anondita to enlighten youngsters about contraceptives and their correct usage. As stated by their CEO & Director, Mr. Reshant Ghosh itself that “Condoms are not a taboo, but healthy lifestyle products with a potential to ensure the elimination of sexually-transmitted diseases. There is an urgent requirement for comprehensive sex education in India, where there is a lack of honest and age-appropriate information which is necessary to help the youth take effective and preventive measures for their health and wellbeing,”.

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He also feels that Youth can take this nation to the next level. The Anondita family started with the manufacture of male contraceptives and later on added many important products which our nation required the most. They manufacture surgical gloves as well and supply them to all the major states like Rajasthan, Karnataka, UP, Haryana, and Bihar to name a few.

With his Enthusiastic vision and approach, Anondita family is proud to announce its new marketing division from november 2022. It catters north India and has created ample employment for the youth in its Marketing and Sales Division. The company offers wide range of products such as Cobra Premium Condom and unique flavor and variants, Cobra Surgical Gloves , Cobra Household Gloves with Brand Ambassador Shweta Tiwari, Pregnancy Test kit named Cobra Shubh Samachar with Brand Ambassador Sunny Leone, Abortion Kit named Cobra Freedom , Cobra Breath + Cobra Nebulizer, Sildenafil tablets named Cobra Zosh and SildenaFil with Dapoxetine named Cobra Zosh + , Cobra King Deos, Cobra Go-Acidity and most unique first time launched Cobra Premium Female Condoms. 

All their products are listed on Amazon and Flipkart

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