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Top 3 places to explore this winter in Aerocity


Tis’ the season to be merry! Winter in Delhi is always filled with feel-good vibes, enchanting magic and some absolutely picturesque spots to enhance those magical wintery feelings. Everything around looks so scenic and stunning, making the outdoors a preferred place for Delhiites during this season. Visitors can take part in a wide variety of activities in these pleasant weather settings, making it an unforgettable experience for them. This ecstatic city offers mesmerizing experiences and memories to cherish for a lifetime. One place in particular that offers you countless options to enjoy, entertain and delight yourself to the core during the much-awaited winter season is GMR Aerocity. Check out these incredible places located at the nerve centre of the capital, each one of them guaranteed to make your wintery days happier!

Best places to visit at GMR Aerocity 

1. The Square – A Street Walkthrough Experience at GMR Aerocity: The Square is the lifeline of outdoor life at Aerocity. With lush green lawns, aesthetically placed benches and manicured pathways, this park is a delight for everyone who experiences its beauty. An innovatively designed public space, it promises to please you with its impressive décor, amazing architecture, and its epicurean delights. The amphitheatre setting is a favourite hang-out place for office-goers, shoppers and visitors. The Square is indeed a trendsetter in promoting a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

2. Serene Outdoors at Aerocity Hotels: Home to many iconic names in the hospitality industry that are unique in their own way, these hotels at GMR Aerocity have outdoor venues and poolside settings to cater to the diverse requirements of guests and visitors. During your stay, be sure to experience the following:

a. The Artists’ Garden in Pullman:

Located in the central arc, The Artists’ Garden offers a picturesque view from the hotel lobby and garden-facing rooms, as well as the chance to read a book or chat with a friend over a cup of tea or coffee. A perfect place to enjoy the warmth of the sun in winter.

b. The Tea Garden and Pool-side at Andaz:

Andaz, a luxury hospitality brand that redefines luxury, offers a huge pool-side garden where you can enjoy the winter sun outdoors. While you plan for the rest of the day, you can also sip a cup of hot tea or coffee here. Enjoy, relax & rejuvenate under the sky in your own ANDAZ.

c. The Green House at Novotel:

Novotel at Aerocity has been elegantly designed with a water body surrounded by green plants. In its calm, peaceful atmosphere, the Green House at Novotel is sure to rejuvenate you. Soothe your senses and relax under the warmth of the sun on a winter afternoon.

3. The Jungle Walk: On your way to the food court, you will pass through this beautiful section of Aerocity. Between the Worldmark buildings under Orchard Avenue is the most distinctive grassland, which includes waterfalls, artwork on the pillars and a mural depicting a gigantic forest. An ideal destination for anyone looking to get an Instagram picture, this spot offers a scenic backdrop. 

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