Top ad networks to boost your online sales for real estate website

Top ad networks to boost your online sales for real estate website


More than 90% of customers use online websites when looking for a home to purchase. Advertising is an essential way to boost your online sales for a real estate website. With the help of an ideal ad network, you can fulfill your mission and grow your online sales for real estate websites. In this blog, we will discuss top real estate advertising platforms and their benefits.

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What is an ad network?

An advertising network is a platform that assists in connecting publishers with advertisers. Ad networks work as intermediaries between publishers who have advertising space obtainable and advertisers who desire to promote their services or products. Keep reading this blog if you are looking for effective real estate advertising platforms. We will discuss them in further lines.

How to choose an ideal ad network for your real estate website?

Choosing an ideal ad network is essential for a real estate website. With the help of an ad network, you can reach potential customers or renters who are actively looking for real estate properties. Real estate businesses may benefit from advertising networks in various ways.

Target audience in real estate website

You should choose an ideal ad network that specializes in targeting the kind of audience that you desire to reach. For example, if you want to target millennials, you have to choose an ad network that has a sizable millennial audience.

Reputation in Real Estate Website

It would be best if you chose an advertising network that has a good reputation in the real estate field. You can read reviews and ask for recommendations from other real estate specialists.


It would be best if you chose an ad network that gives detailed reporting and analytics so that you may track the performance of your property advertisements.

Customer support

It is one of the essential factors that can help you to choose an ideal real estate advertising platform. You need to look for an ad network that gives good customer service.

Ad Formats of Real Estate website

Ad Formats are the essential factors that you should keep in mind while choosing an ad network. For instance, if you want to promote your real estate online ads, select an ad network that provides display ads. You won’t regret the outcomes if you choose a reliable ad network according to your needs.

Reach of Real Estate Website

If you choose an ad network with a worldwide reach, you get higher CTR and more volume. On the other side, if you select an ad network that has a slight reach, it won’t provide the expected benefits. A low reach results in a low CTR (click-through rate) and negatively affects your ability to test and grow your campaigns.

These points may help you to choose an effective ad network. To choose an ideal ad network for your real estate online ads, keep reading the further lines. We will mention a few top ad networks to boost your online sales.

Top ad networks for real estate website

7Search PPC

If you’re looking for a real estate ad network to advertise your real estate website or business, 7 Search PPC is a great choice. If you are a marketer, you may promote your real estate website using 7 Search PPC. They provide a suitable backdrop for real estate advertisements.

They are a top-choice platform for both advertisers and publishers. According to the area, they offer the best commercial real estate advertisements and audience targeting, which will assist you in getting more trustworthy, top-quality leads. Area-based targeting and real-time statistics enable you to effectively create your PPC ad campaign for a real estate marketing campaign.

For advertisers

7Search PPC provides you with pertinent leads who are interested in the real estate industry. There you can launch a low-budget ad campaign and handle your ROI (return on investment) simply. 7Search PPC is available as one of the creative real estate advertising platforms for advertisers.

For publishers 

If you want to get quick approval for your real estate websites, you can choose 7Search PPC as your final destination. There you can get relevant ads according to your real estate website and get a fast payout. They offer high CPC ads.

There you can analyze your revenue without any issues on the dashboard. You can choose this advertising platform to get on-time payment within a week. To know more about them, you can visit their website.


One of the top-known networks for ads in real estate is Adwerx. They use a range of advertising formats, such as recruiting ads, TV advertising, and targeting based on retargeting and zip codes. Their adverts can be found everywhere on the internet because of Google ad networks and FB. Adwerx also offers cutting-edge technology that lets you promote your listing online automatically.

They provide innovative real estate advertising concepts so that you can rely on this ad network for your business. There you can also buy display ads, native ads, and video ads at a competitive price. This ad network gets a minimum of 50k views monthly. If you want to generate quality traffic for your real estate website, you can choose Adversal as your final destination.

If you desire to use their unique approach to promote your real estate website, you may choose them by visiting their site. With their cutting-edge self-platform, you may start your campaign in just a few minutes. If you want to know more about this real estate advertising platform, you can visit their website.


AdMaven is a platform with its own internet advertising network that offers people beneficial online activities based on their choices. With the help of this potent ad network, you, as a publisher, get high revenues for your real estate site. They offer a wide variety of advertising formats for you to choose from, including text ads, display ads, popup ads, and more.

They generate more than 2 billion impressions and assure good CPM rates. They don’t require a minimum traffic needs to start monetizing.


Triple Lift concentrates on branded video ad networks, branded content, and native ads. They support publishers who include native direct deals in their current ad stack. They design publisher-specific ad placements using their unique technology to fit the aesthetic of each of their sites. If you are a publisher or want to choose an ideal real estate advertising platform, visit their website.


The pertinent real estate advertising network Adsterra offers monthly global advertising impressions of over 30 billion and supports partners. This ad network is well known for its experienced and trained team members. Besides, they offer three tiers of anti-fraud security and unique direct leads globally. Along with these, there you can get a wide variety of ad formats and various payment alternatives.


With an emphasis on quality and transparency, PubMatic provides publishers with a variety of options. By assisting publishers in the management, packaging, and sale of their premium ad inventory to marketers, PubMatic streamlines the process of private marketplaces. You can visit their site if you want to choose this real estate advertising platform for your business.

PubMatic uses cutting-edge RTB technologies to enhance competition and yield by connecting publishers. They also employ ad quality tools to safeguard real estate publishers from low-quality advertising while improving user experience. As a publisher or advertiser, you can choose PubMatic as your final destination.


Zillow is a top-known real estate ad network that provides a variety of real estate businesses, including sponsored listings and display ads. Zillow is an essential part of the Zillow Group, which includes other famous real estate sites such as StreetEasy and Trulia.

By advertising on this ad network, you can also obtain exposure on these other websites, expanding your reach to a broader audience. If you want to know more about this real estate advertising platform, you can visit their website.

These are all top real estate advertising platforms that can help you to boost your online sales for your business.

Final takeaway                       

If you want to grow yourself in the real estate industry, you can choose these (above-mentioned) ad networks for your mission. They all are top-rated ad networks that provide luxury real estate ads for your business. With the help of these advertising platforms, you can also monetize your real estate website and boost revenue effectively.

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